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The Voyages of the Airship "Crimson Lady"
An "Abney Park's Airship Pirates" game
Current Voyage 
Standing in the warm fog of Mount Rain, Johnathan Winters watches a stream of nuns and orphans head down the narrow gangplank between his ship, the Black Falcon and the dock, the irregular parade occasionally punctuated by one of the fleet's officers.

Older children hold the hands of younger children on the way down the gangplank. Progress is irregular not only because of the need to shepherd the younger ones, but because most all of the children can't help but have their attention diverted by nude dockworker. The reactions of the nuns are more varied, some with quickly averted stares, to those who steadfastly ignore the state of undress.

Jack draw comes up to Johnathan and salutes, and the older boy automatically returns it. Greetings over, Johnathan speaks to the younger boy, who, while actually not having a stitch on, draws no attention from the nun and orphans, as his skin displays a fair imitation of Johnathan's trousers, shirt and vest outfit.

Johnathan grins at his friend. "I bet you're comfortable. I can't wait to get this shirt off." He gestures toward the stream of nuns and orphans. "The poor blighters. This is nothing like what they've been living with."

Jack shakes his head in disagreement, and signs, "Lucky."

There's a pause as Johnathan thinks, then he nods in agreement. "You're right. In the end, they're lucky." He snorts. "Not that this isn't a big shock to them, but out here there's so much more any of us could even dream of in our old world."

"And speaking of dreams, once everyone's off and my Captainly duties dispatched, we can go visit our girls."

Jack grins.
Persona 4 Main Character w glasses
The group escapes from the police train, following the lead of Oliver Hat, who jumps off the top of the wall where the train runs.

He - and the group, land on the roof of a tall factory building. They use a dormer window to get inside the factory and find elf-like misbegotten making toys.

They escape the factory and are led by Oliver Hat to a convent with an orphanage.

The Sister in charge - Sister Mary Philippa turns out to be Lily's aunt, her father's sister Lillian. Lily asks her Aunt to come with them, but she will not leave without her charges.

The group stays overnight at the convent, the ladies in one room and the men in another. Their clothes are washed and dried, and they have baths.

In the morning they are led by Oliver to the Corner Theater. It is by the corner where the walls of the block meet. There are gates in the corner that give access to two other blocks, allowing misbegotten "exotics" to work in the Theater. The Theater is patronized by upper class patrons, especially men. Besides theater, the Corner Theater allows patrons to meet privately with actresses and/or actors - for a fee. The Theater also hosts private parties.

The group meets Lucrecia Dreizehn (#13 of the Lux series) who is a companion of Delphinia Knox-Hunter, who goes by the stage name Magenta. she is one of the people they are to meet and drop weapons off for, along with her S.O., George.

A photograph reveals that George is Tobias's cousin, and Magenta declares he is missing.

Tobias's party follows Oliver in a quest to find George. Entering through a secret passage in a Inn's cellar, they end up underground. While wearing gas masks pass over a polluted, faintly glowing lake, and after passing through a waterfall of clean water, they find George and the train/tunneling machine he is working on.

Xom and Wilhelmina pitch in on the repairs while George assembles a flatbed car. Max and Orson scout the tunnel ahead, and Orson and Lily lead a group to prepare the nuns and orphans for the arrival of the tunneling machine in the convent's sub-cellar.

With Tobias navigating they take their new charges underground and tunnel back into the smugglers passage where they originally arrived. They rendezvous with the Black Falcon and pack everyone on board.
Persona 4 Main Character w glasses
The party discovers that the tunnel leads into one of the internal walls of Old Borealis, and they ascend via a system of ropes and pulleys into a hollow tunnel in the wall. The passage is blocked and they find a dirty boy wearing an over-sized bowler hat crouched next to a elongated mound surfaced in small stones. The boy threatens them with a knife, but Lilly talks him down, and Tobias drafts the boy. His first name is Oliver and Tobias dubs him, "Mister Hat."

The group meets people who "have no skin" - or more accurately, their skin is completely transparent. They think the visitors are some kind of monsters, and don't want their children to see them.

Tobias talks one of them into coming with the group when they are to leave.

The group departs the area via a drainage tunnel, but ends up coming back when the tunnels get smaller, Mister Hat can't lift the manhole cover at the top of one of the access shafts, and red rain threatens.

As the rope the group left to the misbegotten area is gone when they come back up the tunnel, they end up outside the city entirely and have to make their way back in.

The party blames the misbegotten for the missing rope. The first beings the group encounters in the misbegotten area when they return are Peeler automata - drawn in by one of the party whistling.

The party departs the area by going up the stairs to one of the city's train stations atop the cities walls, claiming that they were kidnapped by the misbegotten. They are directed onto a train, where they overhear one human policemen tell the other that it'll all be sorted out at the Change Cage....
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Admiral Tobias Aerovane goes on ahead to Mt. Rain on the swiftest of the fleet, theBrother's Hope.

Meanwhile, the rest of the fleet happens across the Skyloft of Whiskey City, with its glowing giant whiskey bottle shaped balloon. Medical supplies are restocked and after a bit of drinking Maximillian Percival Flynn and Orson Fractus end up almost going home with the teenage Prince Rupert of Jamington City. Prince Rupert disappointment seems to be alleviated by meeting the lovely Wilhelmina Worthington-Blackthorne, to whom he gives a number of expensive gifts.

Unknown to the rest of the fleet, the boys of the Butterfly do a bit of shopping and weapons research.

The Admiral arranges to sell the recently captured frigate as well as the bomb discovered on the Brooklyn Phoenix.

The Admiral also accepts a job to smuggle weapons into the NeoVictorian city of Old Borealis. Given contact information, it seems there is a good likelihood he is to meet one of his missing cousins and Lilly's misbegotten cousin, the child of her NeoVictorian Aunt.

Reunited with the rest of the Fleet, the Admiral briefs the officers. Mister Winters reveals research on a flying torpedo. The Admiral ends up agreeing to purchase a ship larger than the Butterfly for special missions, which Mister Winters will command.

The ship acquired is an ex-racing yacht, named the Black Falcon. It's diesel powered, with a range of about 1600 miles - which is just about what is required for a trip to Old Borealis and back to Mt Rain.

The Admiral contracts for the Trentas to protect Lily's sisters who are staying behind at Mt. Rain.

The Admiral has the newly painted Black Falcon towed part way to Old Borealis, and then the infiltration forces procedes the rest of the way on the Black Falcon. The infiltration force unloads the weapons for the rebellion into a tunnel and is left there by the Black Falcon. The Black Falcon is to return for them in a week.

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Persona 4 Main Character w glasses
Wilhelmina Worthington-Blackthorne, while researching microphones and speakers, invents devices that allow voice transmission at a distance, without wires. Xom Bourbon Laveau, who is drafted into testing, christens them "seance boxes."

Xom discovers Bishop, who has installed the arm and legs Wilhelmina acquired, in his engine room, working on things under the supervision of his two assistants. Bishop is recruited as Engineer for the Brooklyn Phoenix (formerly the Fires of Brooklyn).

Quartus Summers, the teenager rescued by Mister Witers and his crew, is recruited by Maximillian Percival Flynn as his assistant, and the young man is much more of a bookkeeper than Max - at least when Mister Summer receives the proper spectacles.

Doctor Lily Chesapeake finds a doctor for the Brooklyn Phoenix. Doctor Cassius "Cassie" Raeburn is recruited, along with her husband, Stephan Raeburn, who engineers and creates artificial limbs and their son Kay Raeburn who has a mix of medical and technical skills. Kay, who is about Johnathan Winters age and has an artificial left arm and left leg, ends up being befriended by Little Max.

Little Max is talked into changing his first name from "Barry" to "Bartholomew," becoming Bartholomew Maximus Flynn.

Sam, who was previously found in the brig of Fires of Brooklyn, joins Captain Charles Witterquick's ship, the Brother's Hope. He, along with his cousin, C.B., are - or have turned into cheetah men like Captain Witterquick.

Old Man Rinstorff, who taught Little Max about making explosives, is recruited as the Gunner for the Crimson Lady.

The small fleet, the Brooklyn Phoenix, the Brother's Hope, the Crimson Lady, and the Goddamn Butterfly head for Mount Rain Skyloft, stopping to test the Aetheric Condenser Cannon. The Aetheric Condenser Cannon prooves to be a long range weapon, in some ways similar to a lightning gun, but more powerful and much slower to recharge.

The fleet spots a group of three damaged Imperial Frigates from the west, and succeed at cutting off and capturing the most damaged one. The other two ships leave when it becomes clear that the clear that the one ship is lost.

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"Doctor! Ladies! We have a patient!" Mister Winters' voice rang out across the sickbay.

Illuminated by the flickering light of the open dark lantern held by Little Max, a shirtless body with a bloody back lay limply over Johnathan Winters' shoulder in a fireman's carry.

"And Jack, get off the ceiling and help me lay him down!"
"All right," says Johnathan Winters. "Here's our mission plan. Part one. We head away from High Tortuga, until sunset. After we're away froom dock, Yyou two will take turns piolting, and I'll instruct."

"Part two. We douse lights and as quiet as possible, I'll fly us back to the city and then circle it. You two will take a look at every ship and see if you can spot signs of Imperials. If you spot something, no speaking,it's sign language only. Tap me on the shoulder if you need to get my attention."
20th-Aug-2013 07:41 am - Meanwhile, back at the docks
"Little Max, Jack Draw. Jack, this is Barry Maximus Flynn, who goes by 'Little Max,'" says Johnathan Winters to his little crew.

"Jack has worked with me before, but for our new man, I'll say that I'm an ex-Imperial and was being trained by them to be an officer. Some of that shows, but I hasten to add that I'm not here to be a bully. Orders are to get a mission done and to keep us all alive," says Johnathan. "You should call me Mister Winters all the time for now, and we'll teach you about saluting."

He gestures to Jack. "We're going to use saluting to acknowledge orders in more formal situations, as Mister Draw can't speak. Which reminds me, you'll need to learn sign language."

"So, orders for today. We'll go for a shakedown cruise after dinner. If we do decently, we'll stay out after sunset and try running dark. In the meantime..."

"Little Max, we'll get a meal into you, get you measured for some black clothing - I don't car about the style, you can duplicate that outfit if you like, and then I'm taking you to meet your new sign language teacher. You'll be with him until dinner. Dinner will be on the Crimson Lady."

"Mister Draw, we're going to provision the Butterfly. Borrow Heather to help. Hm, and once Heather has started loading, find Marigold and have her come and restock our first aid supplies. The Doctor is out, so she should be free." He grins. "Bring lunch for the four of us, and we'll go out for... testing," he says, ending with a wink to Jack.
19th-Aug-2013 03:45 pm - Searching for a doctor
This entry is intended forlily_chesapeake

The building is unremarkable for High Tortouga, distinguished simply by the two brass plaques attached to the door. The larger, more prominent one reads, "Dr. C. Raeburn, Surgeon," while the smaller one underneath it states, "Artifical limbs a specialty."

Through the door is a hall with an armed receptionist with an artificial leg and a waiting room off to hall. Most visitors only see this and an examining room, but for a visiting doctor...

Doctor Raeburn's office is a modest size, with a large desk and a bookcase aginst one wall. There are a couple of padded chairs facing the desk. Behind the desk is a woman, dressed practically in trousers with jacket and waistcoat underneath, her hair dark with a noticable grey hairs mixed in.

She rises to meet her visitor. Pleasantries are exchanged and the conversation begins in earnest.
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