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The Voyages of the Airship "Crimson Lady"
An "Abney Park's Airship Pirates" game
Unloading at Mount Rain (After Session 26) 
22nd-Feb-2014 09:43 am
Standing in the warm fog of Mount Rain, Johnathan Winters watches a stream of nuns and orphans head down the narrow gangplank between his ship, the Black Falcon and the dock, the irregular parade occasionally punctuated by one of the fleet's officers.

Older children hold the hands of younger children on the way down the gangplank. Progress is irregular not only because of the need to shepherd the younger ones, but because most all of the children can't help but have their attention diverted by nude dockworker. The reactions of the nuns are more varied, some with quickly averted stares, to those who steadfastly ignore the state of undress.

Jack draw comes up to Johnathan and salutes, and the older boy automatically returns it. Greetings over, Johnathan speaks to the younger boy, who, while actually not having a stitch on, draws no attention from the nun and orphans, as his skin displays a fair imitation of Johnathan's trousers, shirt and vest outfit.

Johnathan grins at his friend. "I bet you're comfortable. I can't wait to get this shirt off." He gestures toward the stream of nuns and orphans. "The poor blighters. This is nothing like what they've been living with."

Jack shakes his head in disagreement, and signs, "Lucky."

There's a pause as Johnathan thinks, then he nods in agreement. "You're right. In the end, they're lucky." He snorts. "Not that this isn't a big shock to them, but out here there's so much more any of us could even dream of in our old world."

"And speaking of dreams, once everyone's off and my Captainly duties dispatched, we can go visit our girls."

Jack grins.
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