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The Voyages of the Airship "Crimson Lady"
An "Abney Park's Airship Pirates" game
An Interlude 
22nd-Jul-2013 07:55 pm
((OOC: This is a oneshot scene, not meant to be answered.))

Captain Cologero Annello picks up a green glass bottle from the ground, glaring across the airfield where his Imperial Frigate was formerly docked. Never in his career as a member of Victor III's Imperial Air Navy has he been so shocked and appalled, and he has an inkling he will soon be increasingly so.

Carefully, he removes the cork from the bottle, pulls out a rolled sheet of ivory vellum paper with gold filigree, and begins to read.

From the desk of
Theophilus Harcourt-Rhodes
Gentleman Pirate & Ship's Gunner
The Crimson Lady
My Dearest Cologero,

I am painting your cabin Pink, simply because I know that it will make you livid. Your ship is under command of my Admiral and his daring crew, and you are now rather completely stranded. Game, set, and match, old boy!

Yours always,

P.S.: If you so terribly dreaded my parting from your company, perhaps you should have run away with me as planned.

It occurs to Captain Annello as he stands there shaking in rage that hindsight is a traitorous and unforgiving wench. Yet still he cannot bring himself to shred the page in his hands.

"Uh, sir?"

Captain Annello straightens, fixing the foolish ensign with a glare. "Yes, ensign?" he growls from between clenched teeth.

"You... You've been standing there for quite a bit, sir. Erm, where's the ship?"

At the mention of his latest failure, the Captain's fist clenches around the note in his hand. The crumpling sound startles him, and he looks down at the letter. His eyes snap back to the ensign. "That's none of your concern." And then, shoving the affronting letter at the lad, demands "Destroy this at once."

Captain Annello calculates how many men it will take to seize another ship and chase the Crimson Lady, but the crinkling sound of paper brings him out of his thoughts. Much to his disgust and anger, he sees the ensign attempting to smooth out the page.

"What in blue blazes do you think you're doing, boy?!" he demands. "Don't read it, eat it!"

"But, sir, you said--"


Frightened and frantic, the ensign shoves the letter into his mouth. After much coughing and choking, he finally manages to swallow it. "Ugh, it tastes of lavender!"

A barely perceptible twitch crosses the Captain's features.

This is the only warning the ensign has--or rather would have had, if he were paying attention--before Captain Annello pulls his pistol and unloads its every chamber with the impeccable speed and precision of a well-trained officer...squarely into the ensign's face. What's left of the poor lad falls to the ground at the feet of his approaching crew mates.

Eyes bloodshot and burning with rage, veins standing out on his face and neck, he turns to what remains of his crew, a true vision of madness.

"THIS is what happens when you disobey MY orders!" he barks, spittle flying from his lips. "Now commandeer me another blasted ship--no, TWO ships--or it's all your bollocks on the chopping block!"
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