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The Voyages of the Airship "Crimson Lady"
An "Abney Park's Airship Pirates" game
Session Summary for August 10 and & August 17, 2013 (Session 18 & 19) 
18th-Aug-2013 01:46 pm
Persona 4 Main Character w glasses
The fleet's officers go out recruiting, with varying degrees of success and amounts of alcohol.

Rumors of a smaller heroic version of Maximillian Percival Flynn, reach Max. Max goes out and ends up naked and tied to a bed - a captive of his sister. Max escapes out a window landing in front - or on - his fellow officers. Orson Fractus secures a return of sword and boots which Max's sister drops from the window. Dr. Lily Chesapeake secures a recommendation of a doctor.

Orson and Theophilus Harcourt-Rhodes redeem the notes previously signed by Orson, from an elderly a rich lady who is a very big fan of his. Discovering books in his name he hasn't written, Orson and freinds visit the local publishing company that is listed as having published his ghostwritten books. Security is tight, but they do walk away as hosts for an Orson Fractus look-alike/author party.

Admiral Tobias Aerovane receives several notes while interviewing potential crew for his small fleet. From Mr Fractus, the aforementioned securing of money from his autographs, from Mr Flyn, the need for a slightly smaller sum for repairs. The next not notes the officers recruiting efforts, then a note from Lily states that she has information from her patient regarding his Imperial Majesty and a last note from Orson noting that they will host a party.

Tobias sends for his officers, and in the meantime has a chat with "Little Max", young Barry Maximus Flynn, who is dressed up like Maximillian Percival Flynn and claims to be his younger brother. Tobias also chats with Charles Witterquick, who withdraws himself, his two Neobedouin ladies and C.B. from their current arrangements with the Crimson Lady, but rejoins the fleet as Captain of his own vessel.

Mr. Oliver Burai, a large muscular man with a green 'totem' ranger tattoo, is recruited as Carpenter after an interview with Wilhelmina Worthington-Blackthorne.

After returning to the Crimson Lady, the Admiral talks to Sam, the lad in his early teens who was rescued from the brig of the Fires of Brooklyn, and finds out the Emperor is dead, and civil war is likely to break out among the Imperials.

After an attempted practical joke and other excitement, Little Max, who apparently makes his own explosives, ends up assigned to Johnathan Winters, along with Jack Draw, for commando operations.

Orson attempts to recruit his look-alikes at the party by getting them drunk, but ends up drunker then they.

Theo, already drunk after going out with Max in an attempt to recruit the old man who trained Little Max, recruits six members of his fan club, led by Billie, who will operate a dining room.

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