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The Voyages of the Airship "Crimson Lady"
An "Abney Park's Airship Pirates" game
Meanwhile, back at the docks 
20th-Aug-2013 07:41 am
"Little Max, Jack Draw. Jack, this is Barry Maximus Flynn, who goes by 'Little Max,'" says Johnathan Winters to his little crew.

"Jack has worked with me before, but for our new man, I'll say that I'm an ex-Imperial and was being trained by them to be an officer. Some of that shows, but I hasten to add that I'm not here to be a bully. Orders are to get a mission done and to keep us all alive," says Johnathan. "You should call me Mister Winters all the time for now, and we'll teach you about saluting."

He gestures to Jack. "We're going to use saluting to acknowledge orders in more formal situations, as Mister Draw can't speak. Which reminds me, you'll need to learn sign language."

"So, orders for today. We'll go for a shakedown cruise after dinner. If we do decently, we'll stay out after sunset and try running dark. In the meantime..."

"Little Max, we'll get a meal into you, get you measured for some black clothing - I don't car about the style, you can duplicate that outfit if you like, and then I'm taking you to meet your new sign language teacher. You'll be with him until dinner. Dinner will be on the Crimson Lady."

"Mister Draw, we're going to provision the Butterfly. Borrow Heather to help. Hm, and once Heather has started loading, find Marigold and have her come and restock our first aid supplies. The Doctor is out, so she should be free." He grins. "Bring lunch for the four of us, and we'll go out for... testing," he says, ending with a wink to Jack.
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