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The Voyages of the Airship "Crimson Lady"
An "Abney Park's Airship Pirates" game
Session Summary for Sept 7 and & Sept 21, 2013 (Session 20 & 21) 
22nd-Sep-2013 10:01 am
Persona 4 Main Character w glasses
Wilhelmina Worthington-Blackthorne, while researching microphones and speakers, invents devices that allow voice transmission at a distance, without wires. Xom Bourbon Laveau, who is drafted into testing, christens them "seance boxes."

Xom discovers Bishop, who has installed the arm and legs Wilhelmina acquired, in his engine room, working on things under the supervision of his two assistants. Bishop is recruited as Engineer for the Brooklyn Phoenix (formerly the Fires of Brooklyn).

Quartus Summers, the teenager rescued by Mister Witers and his crew, is recruited by Maximillian Percival Flynn as his assistant, and the young man is much more of a bookkeeper than Max - at least when Mister Summer receives the proper spectacles.

Doctor Lily Chesapeake finds a doctor for the Brooklyn Phoenix. Doctor Cassius "Cassie" Raeburn is recruited, along with her husband, Stephan Raeburn, who engineers and creates artificial limbs and their son Kay Raeburn who has a mix of medical and technical skills. Kay, who is about Johnathan Winters age and has an artificial left arm and left leg, ends up being befriended by Little Max.

Little Max is talked into changing his first name from "Barry" to "Bartholomew," becoming Bartholomew Maximus Flynn.

Sam, who was previously found in the brig of Fires of Brooklyn, joins Captain Charles Witterquick's ship, the Brother's Hope. He, along with his cousin, C.B., are - or have turned into cheetah men like Captain Witterquick.

Old Man Rinstorff, who taught Little Max about making explosives, is recruited as the Gunner for the Crimson Lady.

The small fleet, the Brooklyn Phoenix, the Brother's Hope, the Crimson Lady, and the Goddamn Butterfly head for Mount Rain Skyloft, stopping to test the Aetheric Condenser Cannon. The Aetheric Condenser Cannon prooves to be a long range weapon, in some ways similar to a lightning gun, but more powerful and much slower to recharge.

The fleet spots a group of three damaged Imperial Frigates from the west, and succeed at cutting off and capturing the most damaged one. The other two ships leave when it becomes clear that the clear that the one ship is lost.

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