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The Voyages of the Airship "Crimson Lady"
An "Abney Park's Airship Pirates" game
Session Summary for (Session 25) & January 18 (Session 26) 
19th-Jan-2014 05:04 pm
Persona 4 Main Character w glasses
The group escapes from the police train, following the lead of Oliver Hat, who jumps off the top of the wall where the train runs.

He - and the group, land on the roof of a tall factory building. They use a dormer window to get inside the factory and find elf-like misbegotten making toys.

They escape the factory and are led by Oliver Hat to a convent with an orphanage.

The Sister in charge - Sister Mary Philippa turns out to be Lily's aunt, her father's sister Lillian. Lily asks her Aunt to come with them, but she will not leave without her charges.

The group stays overnight at the convent, the ladies in one room and the men in another. Their clothes are washed and dried, and they have baths.

In the morning they are led by Oliver to the Corner Theater. It is by the corner where the walls of the block meet. There are gates in the corner that give access to two other blocks, allowing misbegotten "exotics" to work in the Theater. The Theater is patronized by upper class patrons, especially men. Besides theater, the Corner Theater allows patrons to meet privately with actresses and/or actors - for a fee. The Theater also hosts private parties.

The group meets Lucrecia Dreizehn (#13 of the Lux series) who is a companion of Delphinia Knox-Hunter, who goes by the stage name Magenta. she is one of the people they are to meet and drop weapons off for, along with her S.O., George.

A photograph reveals that George is Tobias's cousin, and Magenta declares he is missing.

Tobias's party follows Oliver in a quest to find George. Entering through a secret passage in a Inn's cellar, they end up underground. While wearing gas masks pass over a polluted, faintly glowing lake, and after passing through a waterfall of clean water, they find George and the train/tunneling machine he is working on.

Xom and Wilhelmina pitch in on the repairs while George assembles a flatbed car. Max and Orson scout the tunnel ahead, and Orson and Lily lead a group to prepare the nuns and orphans for the arrival of the tunneling machine in the convent's sub-cellar.

With Tobias navigating they take their new charges underground and tunnel back into the smugglers passage where they originally arrived. They rendezvous with the Black Falcon and pack everyone on board.
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