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The Voyages of the Airship "Crimson Lady"
An "Abney Park's Airship Pirates" game
Session Summary for Jan 5, 2013 (Session 6)  
6th-Jan-2013 09:56 am
Persona 4 Main Character w glasses

With the last day at the Skycity of Julianna wrapped up, Captain Tobias holds a meeting of officers in the administrative cabin. He announces his hireing of himself in his quest to find his missing cousins, and other information gleaned from his female cousins, Ashly and Crystal.

Lucky and KIM are also noted in the discussion, along with the information the two will be voyaging with them on the Crimson Lady.

Captain Tobias announces the list of places supplied by Lucifer, noting that he has no intention of visiting Lunatic.

As priorities relevant to the list are being made clear, Xom points out that coal isn't free.

Noted on the Captain's inherited chart of the area are notes of a cache of coal.

The Crimson Lady sets off for the cache, while Wilhelmina checks out KIM. Among the discoveries relating to KIM is that only Lucky and the Captain can command the over-sized ganger.

The cache is located and the Goddamn Butterfly threads its way though the trees with Mister Winters at the helm and most of the Crimson Lady's officers on board.

Partially blocked doors to the cache are discovered, locked by a imbedded combination lock. Lilly discovers useful medicinal herbs while Wilhelmina notices trees.

Work parties are shuttled down, and as the Captain and Xom work on opening the cache doors, the work crew starts to harvest timber under the admiring eye of Theophilus. Mister Draw notes a large snake moving in the undergrowth while Theo and Maximillian note the disappearance of one of the lumberjacks, and Maximillian orders the crew away from the undergrowth.

The officers set off to find the snake, with Lily tracking. Mister Winters stays at the Goddamn Butterfly and the crew.

The officers discover the hole the snake has gone down and fearlessly decide to go down the hole, with Tobias in lead, Lily second, Theo third, Wilhelmina and Xom following and Maximillian guarding the rear.

Tobias attempts to navigate the steep slippery hole with pistol and lantern in hand, and swiftly finds himself deposited in the coal-filled chamber where the snake hole terminates. Tobias extinguishes his lantern to prevent the coal dust he has disturbed from catching while Lily prevents Theo, hands full of lightning gun, from also rapidly descending.

The evacuation of Tobias from the chamber does not go smoothly, but eventually the officers, sans Theo, are safely out of the hole. With the snake lurking below, Theo takes a shot with the lightning gun into the coal chamber.

The coal dust ignites, propelling Theo back out of the tunnel and into the waiting limbs of the trees. Theo's leg is injured, more so than his dignity. Lily stabilizes Theo's injuries and returns with him to the sickbay for further treatment.

The Captain, Xom and Wilhelmina enter the coal bunker through the doors, which are now detached due to the explosion. Luckily the coal has not caught fire. The stunned snake is disturbed by the trio, but lives only long enough to injure the Captain's shoulder.

When Lily returns, she is put in charge of skinning the snake. Margret, brought back by Lily assists with recovering the coal, under the supervision of Xom. So the snake and the skin and meat become part of the trade goods collected at the site, along with the coal and lumber. Lumber havvesting is now guarded by the KIM/Lucky armed with the gatling and the cannons of the Crimson Lady.

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