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The Voyages of the Airship "Crimson Lady"
An "Abney Park's Airship Pirates" game
Current Voyage 
Persona 4 Main Character w glasses
The fleet's officers go out recruiting, with varying degrees of success and amounts of alcohol.

Rumors of a smaller heroic version of Maximillian Percival Flynn, reach Max. Max goes out and ends up naked and tied to a bed - a captive of his sister. Max escapes out a window landing in front - or on - his fellow officers. Orson Fractus secures a return of sword and boots which Max's sister drops from the window. Dr. Lily Chesapeake secures a recommendation of a doctor.

Orson and Theophilus Harcourt-Rhodes redeem the notes previously signed by Orson, from an elderly a rich lady who is a very big fan of his. Discovering books in his name he hasn't written, Orson and freinds visit the local publishing company that is listed as having published his ghostwritten books. Security is tight, but they do walk away as hosts for an Orson Fractus look-alike/author party.

Admiral Tobias Aerovane receives several notes while interviewing potential crew for his small fleet. From Mr Fractus, the aforementioned securing of money from his autographs, from Mr Flyn, the need for a slightly smaller sum for repairs. The next not notes the officers recruiting efforts, then a note from Lily states that she has information from her patient regarding his Imperial Majesty and a last note from Orson noting that they will host a party.

Tobias sends for his officers, and in the meantime has a chat with "Little Max", young Barry Maximus Flynn, who is dressed up like Maximillian Percival Flynn and claims to be his younger brother. Tobias also chats with Charles Witterquick, who withdraws himself, his two Neobedouin ladies and C.B. from their current arrangements with the Crimson Lady, but rejoins the fleet as Captain of his own vessel.

Mr. Oliver Burai, a large muscular man with a green 'totem' ranger tattoo, is recruited as Carpenter after an interview with Wilhelmina Worthington-Blackthorne.

After returning to the Crimson Lady, the Admiral talks to Sam, the lad in his early teens who was rescued from the brig of the Fires of Brooklyn, and finds out the Emperor is dead, and civil war is likely to break out among the Imperials.

After an attempted practical joke and other excitement, Little Max, who apparently makes his own explosives, ends up assigned to Johnathan Winters, along with Jack Draw, for commando operations.

Orson attempts to recruit his look-alikes at the party by getting them drunk, but ends up drunker then they.

Theo, already drunk after going out with Max in an attempt to recruit the old man who trained Little Max, recruits six members of his fan club, led by Billie, who will operate a dining room.

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22nd-Jul-2013 07:55 pm - An Interlude
((OOC: This is a oneshot scene, not meant to be answered.))

Captain Cologero Annello picks up a green glass bottle from the ground, glaring across the airfield where his Imperial Frigate was formerly docked. Never in his career as a member of Victor III's Imperial Air Navy has he been so shocked and appalled, and he has an inkling he will soon be increasingly so.

Carefully, he removes the cork from the bottle, pulls out a rolled sheet of ivory vellum paper with gold filigree, and begins to read.

From the desk of
Theophilus Harcourt-Rhodes
Gentleman Pirate & Ship's Gunner
The Crimson Lady
My Dearest Cologero,

I am painting your cabin Pink, simply because I know that it will make you livid. Your ship is under command of my Admiral and his daring crew, and you are now rather completely stranded. Game, set, and match, old boy!

Yours always,

P.S.: If you so terribly dreaded my parting from your company, perhaps you should have run away with me as planned.

It occurs to Captain Annello as he stands there shaking in rage that hindsight is a traitorous and unforgiving wench. Yet still he cannot bring himself to shred the page in his hands.

"Uh, sir?"

Captain Annello straightens, fixing the foolish ensign with a glare. "Yes, ensign?" he growls from between clenched teeth.

"You... You've been standing there for quite a bit, sir. Erm, where's the ship?"

At the mention of his latest failure, the Captain's fist clenches around the note in his hand. The crumpling sound startles him, and he looks down at the letter. His eyes snap back to the ensign. "That's none of your concern." And then, shoving the affronting letter at the lad, demands "Destroy this at once."

Captain Annello calculates how many men it will take to seize another ship and chase the Crimson Lady, but the crinkling sound of paper brings him out of his thoughts. Much to his disgust and anger, he sees the ensign attempting to smooth out the page.

"What in blue blazes do you think you're doing, boy?!" he demands. "Don't read it, eat it!"

"But, sir, you said--"


Frightened and frantic, the ensign shoves the letter into his mouth. After much coughing and choking, he finally manages to swallow it. "Ugh, it tastes of lavender!"

A barely perceptible twitch crosses the Captain's features.

This is the only warning the ensign has--or rather would have had, if he were paying attention--before Captain Annello pulls his pistol and unloads its every chamber with the impeccable speed and precision of a well-trained officer...squarely into the ensign's face. What's left of the poor lad falls to the ground at the feet of his approaching crew mates.

Eyes bloodshot and burning with rage, veins standing out on his face and neck, he turns to what remains of his crew, a true vision of madness.

"THIS is what happens when you disobey MY orders!" he barks, spittle flying from his lips. "Now commandeer me another blasted ship--no, TWO ships--or it's all your bollocks on the chopping block!"
Persona 4 Main Character w glasses
When the crew of the Fires of Brooklyn is sent out into Helium City to look for Theo, Captain Tobais comes up with the idea to steal the understaffed Imperial warship. More crew will be needed, so recruiting is started. It turns out that a very large percentage of the recruits are familiar with Imperial frigates and fit into the run of Imperial Uniforms that have been turning up secondhand.

The theft of the Fires of Brooklyn is carried off with very few casualties, and the Fires takes off under the command of Maximillian Percival Flynn, with the aid of Theophilus Harcourt-Rhodes. The Crimson Lady, with Orson Fractus in command, tows the giant Fires, while the boiler system on the Fires runs at a capacity controllable by the reduced crew. As usual, Mister Winters has command of the now all black Butterfly.

Two Tigerfish ships flying Imperial colors threaten to catch up to the little fleet as it approaches High Tourtuga. And the nervous pirates of the city launch their own ships toward the captured Imperial vessel. After some frantic signaling, the fleet doesn't open fire - though the Fires has a fire in its understaffed engine room.

The fleet docks, with damage to the dock from the Fires.

Rotating shore leave with recruiting, drinking and misadventure takes place. All return to the fleet.

The mysterious locked room on the Fires is opened. It contains an Aetheric Condenser Cannon, a tabletop "Faraday's cage", a mysterious electrical box, five figures, that Lily and Xom determine are Totems (and set up the beginnings of a shrine for them), and a large bomb, with according to the manual, can destroy electrical equipment, with only minor explosive damage.

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Persona 4 Main Character w glasses
The Crimson Lady arrives in Helium City and docks halfway up the Chase Tower. A messenger for Captain George Horatio Flynn shows up at the ship and leaves a message with the “Captain” - Theo - that his brother suspects nothing.

On the way to secure a theater for performances, Orson and Theo run into fans, and Orson gets invited to a party in his honor. The theater Orson secures turns out to be a bit of a fixer upper though Wilhelmina is sure she can handle it. Hotel space for post-theater activities and sleeping is secured across the street from another landlord at a much better rate and condition.

With Xom, Orson secures a bargain for getting the Crimson Lady shipshape, as well as a cheap paint job for both the Crimson Lady and Goddamn Butterfly. The paint seems to be reasonable quality, though the colors... And then there’s where the Crimson Lady will be fixed up - right next to the Fires of Brooklyn, which is in port to get its gasbag fixed and refilled.

Job done, Orson and Xom head to the party held in Orson’s honor. There an intoxicated Orson unknowingly is recorded speaking and signing a bawdy song about the Emperor . Orson and Xom head back to the Theater before the party breaks up.

Back at the theater, A Midsummer’s night dream is performed, with Wilhelmina as Titania, Charles Witerquick as Oberon and Edward Lethbridge-Stewart starring as Bottom.

The less than sober pair of Orson and Xom find themselves in a less than sterling part of town and hire an urchin as a guide to take them back to the theater - though Orson wants to stop for a drink first. The pair treat Jimmy to a couple of drinks, and the lad decides he likes them. He takes them to the theater avoiding the area where a Wicked Nick is reported to take people.

The trio returns just in time to meet Black Bess Thatch, who is talking to Theo, Wilhelmina and Lily. Xom decides to recruit Jimmy to work in the engine room.

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21st-Jun-2013 04:12 pm - Jack's mission
Jack spends a significant amount of time scouting The Fires of Brooklyn. What can a young adolecent, equipped with only his wits, claws and supurb camaflage to to sabatage a huge warship, and not get caught doing so?

As the Captain has a boy around Jack's age flogged, Jack decides to try getting into the Captain's cabin. Jack does, and retrieves a small fortune in jewlery tied up in a black silk hankerchief. He sets fire to the cabin from outside it, using a string and a lit lantern.

Then he leaves, with his find, and heads for the hotel where the crew of the Crimson Lady is staying.
Persona 4 Main Character w glasses
The Crimson Lady arrives at the approximate location of the abandoned Imperial research facility Lucifer reported that Captain Renfrew Aerovane visited.

Exploration commences. Miniature guardian airship automita are discovered. Psudo-gangers are built and prove themselves useful for entering the complex through the freight/scrap metal entrance/egress. The damaged complex is still partially active, with an alarm system as well as the miniature airship automita.

The only access to the next level has a large electromagnet hanging over it. The Trentas, Lucky and Kim remain behind, along with the officer's collection of ferris weapons and implements.

Mister Flynn catches up with the rest of the party with Charles Witterquick and Charles' newly adopted charge, the young man from the Imperial misbegotten ship, now going by "C.B."

C.B., who is the former base commander's son, tells them that they can reach the magnet's power source through a door in room at the bottom of the shaft. However, it turns out the room is partially flooded and electrified, so the door is inaccessible.

The party detours through a door and finds an automata workshop inhabited by a partially built, one armed, legless, chess playing automaton that has build a small army of little parts-scavenging automata.

The party takes out the grenade-throwing turret that blocks further progress and that created the flooding and other damage in the room an the bottom of the shaft.

The party raids the commanders quarters, and having been shown a secret hiding place by C.B., finds some Imperial money and papers relating to Imperial politics and conspiracy.

Led by C.B., the party takes a look at the facility's holding cells, as C.B. told Charles that one of Charles's relatives was held there.

The party then proceeds to the generator room and disables the electromagnet and the power cable electrifying the water in the room they need to leave out of.

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20th-May-2013 01:02 pm - A private conversation
((OOC: This takes place during the May 18th session. Intended for capt_tobias and sunshine_player. Please ask for permission before joining.))

As the groups pause for a rest at the top of the shaft, Lily motions to Theophilus to come closer to her and the captain.

Once the three of them are together, she draws the two men off a short distance. In a voice designed not to carry beyond the three of them, she begins, "Captain...I need to tell you something." She takes a deep breath. "It concerns a...family matter."
Persona 4 Main Character w glasses
This session finds the Crimson Lady underway after having left the Mount Rain Skyloft. With the Captain under the weather Maximillian Percival Flynn is in charge of the watch. He and some other officers, John Borealis, who is at the wheel, Doctor Lily Chesapeake, Orson Fractus, Theophilus Harcourt-Rhodes, and Wilhelmina Worthington-Blackthorne are having a discussion on deck when a ship is spotted. It's about the size of the Crimson Lady and damaged. The people on deck on the other ship are wearing Imperial uniforms, not of IAN proper, but of the merchant marine wing.

The lure proves irresistible, and Crimson Lady moves in, signaling its intention to help - while the grappling gun is loaded.

The other ship grapples the Crimson Lady first, and the Crimson Lady's broadside misses. The Crimson Lady's own grappling gun does not. Hatches on the other ship's deck pop open and out comes the stuff of nightmares - misbegotten, pressed into the service of the Imperials. They come up the ropes while the Crimson Lady maneuvers. The initial tide of creatures is abated when the Crimson Lady rises above the other ship - and while the misbegotten turn on their masters.

The other ship's unmutated officers and crew are wiped out (with the exception of the lookout stranded up top), though their dying (or dead?) captain has the last word with a grenade.

The Crimson Lady's crew, led by the officers, board the other ship. The damaged ship yields some stores, a couple of small female goats in the crew portion of the ship. as for the rest of the ship, the misbegotten were kept in quarters that, in good times, would be fit for animals. But, judging from the human remains, it seems recent times had not been good. The only living being found in the misbegotten quarters is a teenager, or perhaps a twentysomething male, who looks to be normal except that he is covered in scars from being cut and bled. The traumatized youngster is put in the care of Doctor Lily Chesapeake.

Theo investigates the captain's cabin, and finds some nice clothes, masculine jewelery, china, wine, and a safe. Wilhelmina tries her hand at safecracking, and has what apparently is a excellent bit of beginner's luck. A codebook and the captain's log is discovered in the safe. The safe is also removed, for good measure. And eventually the trapped survivor of the crew is retrieved from the top crow's nest.

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Persona 4 Main Character w glasses
The officers involved in the last adventure return to the Crimson Lady and find Wilhelmina Worthington-Blackthorne with a large collection of books.

They discover a ten year old street urchin named Nell, who delivers a message from the Trentas, who have gone off somewhere. The Trentas have found loot, apparently part of the debris from the earlier Imperial attack.

Captain Tobias Aerovane , Lily Chesapeake, Maximillian Percival Flynn, Theophilus , Xom Bourbon Laveau, and Wilhelmina Worthington-Blackthorne set off with the the girl, Nell, as guide. They quickly reach the Tretas, who are perched on top a huge crate of machinery that has partially imbedded itself in the street/deck of the floating city.

Wilhelmina investigates the machinery with a curious Nell "helping." Nell pushes a button and the machinery stirs. Wilhelmina warns everyone to stand back and the crate explodes as the machinery unfolds itself into a large mechanical scorpion ("lobster"). The officers run with Nell and the mechanical scorpion follows them.

They reach the Crimson Lady and the Captain dispatches Lucky and Kim with the Gatling gun to stop the giant mechanical scorpion. Apparently immune to bullet, the mechanical scorpion squeezes Kim with a pincer, disabling the Gatling gun and denting her. Maximillian attacks the mechanical scorpion with his sword, and with direction from Wilhelmina, disables the pincer and frees Kim. The Captain, with Lilly and Nell, attempt to enter the machine through a hatch on the top. Theo fires his lightning gun, deliberately striking the deck behind the mechanical creature. The giant turns around, taking out lines and the Crimson Lady's nearest railing. Xom climbs onto the mechanical creature and triggers its stinging behavior.

The mechanical scorpion strikes itself in the head and Xom is now by its eyestalks. The mechanical creature takes off toward the city, with the Captain, Lilly Xom, and Nell on board.

The ship's grappling gun misses the mechanical creature and imbeds itself in the wall of the warehouse at the end of the docks. The wall is pulled down, removing the creatures tail, and Lilly and the Captain fall off as the scorpion turns.

As the scorpion runs alon the avenue on the edge of the city, Theo, with careful aim, takes off a leg with a cannon. The girl falls off and Xom, who has been covering up the creatures eyes, abandons scorpion befor it will plunge off the upcoming edge of the city. However, with its eyes now uncovered, it takes off down a side street.

A cannon is loaded onto the Goddamn Butterfly and the group, plus Mister Winters as pilot, takes off after the mechanical scorpion. Mister Winters ensures that they do not end up tangled in the city's supporting balloon lines, and Theo uses the cannon on the scorpion. When the Goddamn Butterfly catches up with the scorpion, the mechanical creature is boarded and eventually stopped just outside the palace gates.

Henry comes out, and after a chat with Tobias, it's decided that it's time for the Crimson Lady leave. Their reward money, plus ship's earnings, balances out damage payments and expenses, but the Royals buy the remaining extra cannons at list price, so there is a tidy sum passed out as shares.

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7th-Mar-2013 02:41 pm - The Trentas wash up
In one of the private rooms on the Crimson Lady, a naked Lucifer washes Lucy's back with a wet cloth.

He says to Lucy, "One of our clients left us a card. There is a note on the backthat they have prototypes of electric clockwork winders. I propose we investigate."
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